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10 laundry hacks you need in your life

It’s hard to deny the satisfaction that a clean pile of freshly washed and ironed clothes brings, but could you be wasting time and money on this most basic of household chores? Here are some simple laundry hacks that can help you clean your clothes perfectly for less.

Dry wrinkle free

Hang shirts, dresses and tops on hangers straight from the washing machine, and give them a smooth down with your hands. You might still want to run an iron quickly over them once dry (depending on the fabric and just how smart that item needs to be!) but drying as many items as possible in the shape you want them will greatly cut down on your ironing.

Never lose a sock again

It’s a well known fact that socks regularly disappear from washing machines, but save yourself from an entire drawer of partnerless socks by sticking them in a mesh bag before putting in the washing machine.

Softener that’s cheap as chips

Or suitable to put on chips at least – vinegar is a little known fabric softener!

Simply pop ¼ – ½ cup of vinegar into your machine along with your normal detergent to soften your clothes and towers.! The vinegar smell doesn’t linger, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like a chip shop either.

Wash the washer

It’s all too easy to forget that the washing machine itself could use some TLC now and then, but a clean washing machine will be more efficient and last longer.

Magic those stains away

No longer need a stain be a one way ticket to the bin for your favourite clothes! There is no need for pricey stain removers either – it’s amazing the power that humble household items have over the most stubborn stains:

Blood – soak both sides of the fabric in cold water then wash in lukewarm soapy water before giving it a final rinse.

Lipstick – loosen the stain with glycerine or a prewash stain remover, dab, then rinse before washing.

Red wine – sprinkle the stain liberally with salt and let it soak in. Once dry, brush off the excess then wash with laundry bleach if needed.

Fruit juices – dab the stain either with citric acid (found in lemons or laundry treatments) or vinegar (white is best on fabric) then wash in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Sweat stains – apply a paste of baking soda and lemon juice. Allow to dry in the sun if possible, then wash as normal.

Ink – spray generously with hairspray, let it sit for around 10 minutes, then wash as normal.

Freeze your jeans

Repeated washing can fade denim and cause beloved skinny jeans to lose their shape forever, but there comes a point when the most trusty jeans need to be washed! Luckily there is an answer: in the freezer. The low temperature kills off the majority of bacteria that can cause smells – it’s not 100%, so you’ll want to pop them in the washing machine every once in a while. Place in a ziplock bag and stick in the freezer overnight.

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